I’m starting this new blog! I love writing. I love learning. Writing helps me learn, so I’m starting this blog. I’ve had blogs in the past, but none that were specifically about technical learning.

I am particularly interested in writing about software engineering. I have been coding for about three years and a professional software engineer for one. I want a place where I can keep track of my progress growing my skills. Thus, why not blog about it? This blog will not strictly be about programming, but more geared towards learning. And because I tend to spend most of my time learning about software engineering, I’ll spend most of my time writing about that.

I am an operations engineer at Kickstarter interested in systems engineering, monitoring, backend engineering, and site resilience. While I may write about some of the things I run into at my job, I also want to write about interests beyond my job.

I’m going to start with a series of posts about learning. Thanks for following along!